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Transfer assets cross-chain

Learn how to move assets between ICON and supported blockchains.

Balanced includes support for GMP, ICON’s cross-chain messaging service, so you can transfer assets to a wallet on another blockchain. For cross-chain swaps, see Swap assets.

Connect your wallet(s), then open the Bridge tab on the Trade page and:

  1. Choose which blockchains to transfer between.
  2. Choose an asset, then enter the amount.
  3. Click Transfer and follow the prompts to complete the transaction.

If you need to confirm or revert a cross-chain transaction, you’ll see an option to do so from the Bridge tab.

The Bridge tab on the Trade page, set to transfer bnUSD from ICON to Archway
About GMP

GMP (General Message Passing) is a cross-chain messaging service that can work with any interoperability protocol. It relays messages between connected blockchains, and includes multi-protocol verification to reduce dependency on a single bridge.

GMP has one messaging standard for all cross-chain communication, so Balanced can take advantage of every chain that connects to it.

Learn more about GMP.

Transfer via ICON Bridge (legacy)

Balanced previously supported ICON Bridge, a lightweight version of ICON’s cross-chain technology. ICON Bridge unlocked the ability to transfer crypto from BNB Chain to ICON, where it could then be traded or deposited as collateral on Balanced.

ICON Bridge halted new deposits in April 2024, but you can still use it to send bridged assets back to their native chain.

You will not be able to transfer ETH to another chain until the app supports it.

To transfer assets back to their native chain:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose which blockchain to transfer assets from (BNB Chain or ICON), then choose a wallet (Ledger is accessible through both).
  3. Choose which blockchain to transfer to, then choose an asset and the amount.
  4. Enter a compatible wallet address.
  5. Click Transfer and follow the prompts to complete the transaction.
The legacy transfer modal for ICON Bridge, set to transfer ICX from ICON to BNB Smart Chain

A transfer fee will be added to the total amount, and you’ll also need to pay a blockchain transaction fee.

Retrieve stuck assets

If you transfer an asset like sICX, bnUSD, or BALN from ICON to BSC, the funds will be moved to the smart contract in the initial approval transaction.

If you fail to complete the transfer, go back to the transfer modal. After you choose the correct wallet and asset, you’ll see a balance awaiting transfer.