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Lock up Balance Tokens

Learn how to lock up Balance Tokens to get Boosted BALN (bBALN).

After you obtain Balance Tokens (BALN), you can lock them up to hold voting power, earn network fees, and boost the amount of BALN you can earn from your loan and liquidity positions.

Locked BALN gives you Boosted BALN (bBALN), a non-transferable token that decays linearly over time. It’s designed to align rewards and voting power with those most invested in Balanced’s long-term success.

Lock up Balance Tokens to get bBALN

The Rewards section with Boost Rewards in an adjustable state, and BALN locked up until April 2027

To lock up BALN from the Home page:

  1. Click ‘Lock up BALN’ in the Rewards section.
  2. Choose the amount of BALN to lock up and how long to lock it up for: 1 week, or up to 4 years. There’s a penalty to unlock BALN early, so choose your lock-up time wisely.
  3. Click Confirm and complete the transaction.

bBALN decays over time, and the amount you’ll need for maximum rewards will fluctuate, so you can lock up more BALN and/or extend the lock-up period at any time. You can only set one lock-up period per wallet.


You can unlock your BALN early, but you’ll pay a penalty fee equivalent to the amount of bBALN you hold (up to 50% of the total).

How bBALN boosts your earning potential

The values shown for ‘Loan rewards’ and ‘Liquidity rewards’ are your boosts. They’re the difference between your BALN reward rate and the base rate for each activity, and range from 1 x to 2.5 x.

The amount of bBALN required to maximise your BALN rewards depends on the size of your position compared to everyone else’s, and the amount of bBALN held by other participants. The app will show how many bBALN you need for maximum BALN rewards.

The ‘Network fees’ value shows the percentage of fees you’ll receive from the 30% share distributed to bBALN holders daily. Calculated with Your bBALN ÷ Total bBALN.

BALN -> bBALN conversion rate

The amount of bBALN you hold depends on how long your BALN is locked up for. Here’s the conversion rate for every 1 BALN locked:

Lock-up periodbBALN received
1 week0.0048
1 month0.0208333
3 months0.0625
6 months0.125
1 year0.25
2 years0.5
4 years1

As the lock-up period decreases, so will your bBALN. It decays linearly to 0 based on the amount of time remaining, so if you lock up 1 BALN for 4 years, 1 bBALN will become 0.5 bBALN after 2 years.

Withdraw Balance Tokens

When you reach the unlock date, you’ll need to withdraw your BALN before you can lock any up again.

To withdraw your BALN after the unlock date, go to the Rewards section, click ‘Withdraw BALN’, and confirm the transaction.

You can then lock up more BALN to hold voting power and boost your earning potential.

The Rewards section with Boost Rewards in an adjustable state, with the amount reduced to expose the 'withdraw early' warning