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Earn and claim rewards

Learn how to earn and claim rewards on Balanced.

Balanced provides multiple opportunities to earn rewards on the ICON blockchain. Rewards accrue in real time, so you can claim yours from Home > Rewards whenever you have a balance available.

Savings Rate

To earn a return for bnUSD, deposit it into the Savings Rate. You'll earn rewards at a variable rate based on the amount available from borrower interest, DAO revenue, and the ICON Network.

Balanced incentives

To earn Balance Tokens (BALN), borrow bnUSD or supply liquidity to an incentivised pool.

To boost the amount of BALN you earn for each activity, lock up Balance Tokens.

Network fees

To earn a share of the network fees, lock up Balance Tokens. bBALN holders receive 15% of the network fee earnings: the more bBALN you hold, the larger your share.

Liquidity bribes

If you hold bBALN, you can incentivise liquidity pools and earn a kickback for it. You can claim bribes from the Vote page once per week.