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Swap assets
Learn how to swap assets on the Balanced decentralized exchange.
You can exchange a number of different assets on the Balanced Trade page.
In the swap section:
  1. 1.
    Choose an asset to swap, then select any asset to receive.
  2. 2.
    Enter an amount for one of the assets. The other will automatically fill based on the current rate, with any fees factored in.
  3. 3.
    Check the price impact and the minimum you’ll receive, then click the amount to view the exchange rate, trade route, and fee, and adjust the slippage tolerance up to 10% if necessary.
  4. 4.
    Click Swap and complete the transaction.
If your swap involves bnUSD and another stablecoin, you may see an option to interact with the Stability Fund. This allows you to trade 1:1 with approved stablecoins (minus a 0.5% fee), and help maintain the price of bnUSD. Learn more about the Stability Fund.
Add new assets to Balanced
If you want to swap or supply liquidity for an asset that's not yet supported in the app, you can add it to Balanced on your device:
Open the asset selector and paste the asset's contract address in the search box. Click Import, check that the details are correct, then add it to Balanced. You can remove it from the asset selector at any time.

There are several different fees based on the assets you swap:
  • ICX -> sICX: 0% fee
  • sICX -> ICX: 1% (a 0.3% fee, and an exchange rate 0.7% less than the true value of sICX)
  • All other assets: 0.3% fee
    • If there’s no liquidity pool for the assets you want to swap, Balanced will route the trade through several other pools to get the best price. You’ll pay a 0.3% fee for each step in the trade route.
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