Swap assets

Learn how to swap assets on the Balanced exchange.

Exchange ICON assets on the trade page for a 0.3% fee, or convert your ICX to staked ICX (sICX), for free.

In the swap section:

  1. Choose an asset to swap, then select a compatible asset to receive.

  2. Enter an amount for one of the assets. The other will automatically fill based on the current rate, with any fees factored in.

  3. Check the minimum you’ll receive if the price moves against you, and adjust your slippage tolerance (up to 10%) if necessary.

  4. Click Swap and complete the transaction.

If you hold sICX, you can swap it for ICX to unstake instantly. You'll receive 1% less than if you waited for the unstaking period: there's a 0.3% fee, and the exchange rate is 0.7% less than the true value of sICX.