Balanced docs
View and manage assets
Learn what you do with your assets from your wallet.
View your balances from the wallet, and use it to send assets, stake/unstake Balance Tokens, unstake sICX, monitor unstaking requests, and deposit sICX as collateral.
Click an asset to reveal the actions it has available:
Send an asset. From the send tab, enter the amount and an ICON address to send it to.
Stake/unstake Balance Tokens. From the BALN stake tab, click Adjust and use the slider to set the amount (minimum of 1 BALN).
Unstake sICX. From the sICX unstake tab, use the slider to choose how much to unstake. You can then track the unstaking progress under ICX.
Monitor unstaking requests. Track the unstaking progress for BALN and ICX:
  • BALN takes 3 days to unstake, and displays the local time to completion
  • ICX unstakes as people deposit collateral or swap ICX for sICX on Balanced – expect to wait anywhere from 1 hour, up to the regular ICX unstaking time of ~7 days
Deposit sICX as collateral. From the sICX deposit tab, use the slider to choose how much to add to the collateral pool.
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