Balanced docs
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Balanced is a DAO owned and operated by bBALN holders. Although it is a DAO, it’s still important to ensure a group of people are dedicated to actively developing the product. With Balanced Worker Tokens (BALW), we can make this possible.

Balanced worker tokens

Balanced worker tokens are entitled to a certain portion of the daily Balance Token inflation. At launch, and unless bBALN holders vote otherwise, Balanced worker tokens will be entitled to 20% of the Balance Token inflation.
There will only be 100 BALW, with the allocation split between the initial workers: Lydia Labs, ICONOsphere, PARROT9, Mousebelt, ICON DAO, and sudoblock.

Governance process

The governance process of Balanced will start off simple, but is subject to change by bBALN holders:
  • To propose a change, you must hold at least 0.1% of the total bBALN supply
  • More than 66% of bBALN must vote in favour of any change or DAO Fund proposal
  • All votes must meet a minimum quorum of 20% of bBALN
bBALN holders can propose and vote on a number of changes, such as:
  • Adjusting fees
  • Adjusting fee distributions
  • Adjusting inflation allocations
  • Adjusting Loan to Value (collateral ratio) requirements
  • Adjusting the Balanced governance process
  • Spending assets held in the DAO Fund
  • Adding new collateral types