Balanced docs
Decentralized exchange
Balanced will provide a decentralized exchange to facilitate liquidity for all pegged assets. However, anyone will be able to list their own liquidity pools on the Balanced exchange.
These pairs are listed and incentivized by Balance Tokens:
  • sICX / ICX
  • sICX / bnUSD
  • BALN / bnUSD
  • BALN / sICX
  • IUSDC / bnUSD
  • IUSDT / bnUSD
  • USDS / bnUSD
The sICX / ICX pair serves a unique purpose: sICX represents a share of a pool of staked ICX, and therefore offers instant unstaking to sICX holders.
BALN supplied to a pool counts as staked BALN. It will accrue network fees and is factored into your voting weight.
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