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Save Balanced Dollars

Learn how to earn a return for bnUSD with the Balanced Savings Rate.

If you hold bnUSD on ICON, you can deposit it into the Savings Rate to earn rewards from loan interest, DAO revenue, and the ICON Network.

The Rewards section, which includes a Savings Rate panel to deposit bnUSD and earn rewards.

Deposit bnUSD

From the Rewards section on the Home page:

  1. Click 'Deposit bnUSD' next to Savings Rate.
  2. Choose the amount to deposit, then click Confirm and complete the transaction.

You'll earn rewards at a variable rate until you withdraw your funds.

Claim rewards as you earn them from the panel underneath.

Withdraw bnUSD

You can withdraw bnUSD from the Savings Rate at any time:

  1. Click Adjust next to Savings Rate.
  2. Choose the amount to withdraw, then click Confirm and complete the transaction.

Your bnUSD will be available to use immediately.

About the Balanced Savings Rate

The Balanced Savings Rate (BSR) was introduced in February 2024 to increase demand for bnUSD and attract more stablecoin deposits into the Stability Fund. More liquidity in the Stability Fund makes it easier for arbitrageurs to keep bnUSD at $1.

Rewards originate from a new 2% interest rate for borrowers, DAO revenue, and Stability Fund holdings, like US Treasury Bills from HiYield (an RWA platform affiliated with one of the Balanced contributors). The ICON blockchain and ICON Foundation will also provide incentives as part of Balanced and ICON's economic enshrinement arrangement.

The reward rate varies based on projected future yield. It considers interest from loans and the balance of a new Trickler contract (which contains all other incentives and distributes them evenly over a 6-month period), divided by the total bnUSD deposited. The 6-month period can be adjusted via governance.