Balanced docs
Learn how to participate in the ICON community airdrip initiative.
In partnership with the ICON Foundation, ICX holders can participate in the ICON community airdrip to receive Balance Tokens. All BALN the ICON Foundation earns through Balanced will be redistributed in a weekly drip.

How to participate

Stake your ICX. You'll receive BALN each week until the airdrip ends.
ICONex, MyIconWallet, and Ledger
  • Stake and delegate the ICX in your wallet to any P-Rep of your choice.
  • Sign in to every week and claim your BALN.
The airdrips start every Monday after 3am Eastern, and last for one week. If you forget to claim, you'll lose your drip for that week. Unclaimed BALN is added to the next weekly drip.
Note: ICX staked in Balanced (sICX) doesn't qualify for the airdrip.

Other wallets

If you stake your ICX somewhere you don't hold the private keys for, like on Binance, it's up to them to support the airdrip. Only ICONFi has announced support so far.

How to add Balance Tokens to your wallet

To track your BALN balance, add the asset details to your wallet:


Open ICONex, then click the 3 dots next to your public key and choose Add Token. Enter the contract address for each asset:
  • BALN: cxf61cd5a45dc9f91c15aa65831a30a90d59a09619


Open MyIconWallet, go to Settings > Manage tokens, then select Balance Token.
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